January 22, 2022

What Will a Brain Damaged Baby Lawyer Tell Me?

A brain damaged baby lawyer is highly educated and trained. She is prepared to represent your best interests while navigating the medical, legal, and insurance systems. The professional lawyer understands and empathizes with your feelings of distress. She will analyze your case and tell you whether she can help you to get you the financial compensation that you deserve and need. She focuses her practice on medical malpractice cases like yours.

Brain Damaged Baby Lawyers Can Help

Brain damaged baby lawyers are personal injury lawyers who handle many cases just like yours. This means they are highly experienced in handling lawsuits brought by the parents of brain damaged children. They skillfully navigate all of the legal hoops, paperwork, and medical issues. All of this means that while you are caring for your child, there is a team of legal experts working to get you the compensation that you need to meet all of the financial demands of having a brain damaged baby.

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional fails to follow accepted medical protocol. And, this negligent or careless action (or inaction) causes your baby to be brain damaged. Brain injury caused by a lack of oxygen is often caused by:

  • an umbilical cord wrapped around your baby’s neck
  • your baby was stuck and couldn’t proceed through the vaginal canal normally
  • you attempted vaginal delivery for hours before a cesarean was performed

If your baby’s brain injury could have been prevented with due care, malpractice has occurred. In addition to a lack of oxygen, the following also cause brain injury:

  • Genetic malformation
  • Blood disease
  • Jaundice
  • Maternal infection

It is always in your best interest to call a qualified brain damaged baby lawyer right away. This way your lawyer can ensure that all legal timelines (such as the statute of limitations) are met and all evidence is preserved. Your attorney will tell you that you will receive a full legal consultation and case analysis free of charge. She will also explain the compensation that is expected to be received in your particular case. If you’re not sure if malpractice caused your baby’s brain damage, here are some signs that it did:

  • Any medical professional indicates that something should not have happened or it would have been better is something else had been done
  • Your baby needed CPR and/or failed to breath upon birth. Your baby didn’t cry.
  • Forceps or suction was used to birth your baby.
  • Your baby was admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and/or your baby stayed more than one night before being released
  • Apgar tests scores were low
  • The umbilical cord was wrapped around your baby’s neck

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