May 14, 2021

The Key To Success – Developing a Zero Failure Mindset

Developing a zero failure mindset is the key to success. Many of us ponder over what went wrong in certain situations but never really use those mistakes or failures as learning tool to grow and conquer.

Before we dive into this we need to examine what failure really is…

We need to examine FEAR. Fear plagues all of us but once you start to understand where it comes from you can take the proper steps to overcome it. Fear is really false evidence appearing real.
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These false ideas you have about certain situations are a huge obstacle to your success. Its time to stretch outside of your comfort zone, allow your past failures to be a learning opportunity and development a new mindset.

So, how is that 2 people with the very same skill set, knowledge and tools can find one of them succeeding and the other failing miserably? The key difference is their mindset! Each and every one of us is uniquely different in our design through our life experiences, education, environmental influences, etc. When we are faced with situations in our life our subconscious mind will look to previous experiences for information. Our reactions are based on emotions, fears, limiting beliefs, learned behaviors from our past. When we allow emotions such as that fear, anxiety and anger to take over our mind, we ultimately lose control of situations and potentially have a loss of life changing opportunities.

Once you come to understand that your mind is a brilliant tool which can be sharpened and shaped, you will give it more attention. There are many things you can do such as reading personal development books, practicing affirmations, listening to subliminal music and allow for awareness of your thoughts as well as focus. Take a deep look at your strengths and weakness then develop a plan of action to balance them out.

Believe you can change. It all starts with belief. Take action, adapt and evolve. Success is not about luck, its when preparation meets opportunity. How prepared are you for that next opportunity. Develop that zero failure mindset and plug away until you reach your goal, then set a new one. Always be raising the bar.

If you find yourself really stumped, nothing can help you break through like a mentor can. Find someone to hold you accountable to your goals and remind you of your “why”, your reason for having those goals in the first place. This reminder will help you break through any slump.

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