November 23, 2020

LinkedIn Marketing Debate – Should You Consider Your LinkedIn Profile As a Continue

Recently I read a LinkedIn article intended for small business owners that stated, “You should think of your profile as an online resume. ” I could not differ more. And, when you are done reading this article, let me know what you think!

At this point, while you think whether or not your LinkedIn profile should be regarded as a resume, let me ask you: When was your last time you read an interesting and intriguing resume?

Most resumes tend to be boring and bland. Now, how is this going to help you bring in viewers and prospects? Simple, it can’t.

As a small business owner or a company development executive, you have to start thinking of your profile as a marketing tool instead of a resume. Since you have to make mindset about this, I have developed 6 distinct reasons why your profile must not look like a resume.

Why You Should Not Consider Your LinkedIn Profile as Your Continue

Reason #1: A resume is not personal enough.

The goal of LinkedIn is to connect with people and build associations. The only way you will connect with prospects is to personalize your profile. To do this you need to tell stories and share information which gives a better scope of:

* You.
* What makes you tick.
* How you can help the prospect.
* Exactly what new and exciting information you have to offer them.

Make viewers want to learn more about what you and your business can perform for them. Be creative and use all the applications that LinkedIn offers you can show videos, presentations plus documents.

Reason #2: Remember LinkedIn is a social human network.

Most resumes lack that human touch that LinkedIn can provide if utilized correctly. You need to make your profile interesting and enjoyable to read. You have to keep in mind that if you want others to read it, you should want to read it too. Here is an excerpt of the summary to give you an idea of the reason.

With over 80 million expert members in over 200 nations, LinkedIn offers small business owners and internet marketer’s unlimited opportunities to build, plus nourish profitable relationships online.

Nevertheless , out of the 80+ million people upon LinkedIn, only a FEW successful companies and internet marketers are using LinkedIn to its’ fullest profit-making potential.

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Cause #3: The goal of LinkedIn profile is to get people to connect with you to be able to funnel them back to your website.

Your profile is a way to tell leads what you and your business can do to them. Your LinkedIn profile allows you to display the different areas of your business and then guide prospects to the appropriate webpage to get even more information. The goal of a continue however , is to list accomplishments, achievements and jobs held. It merely lists your job descriptions, past and present. A resume does not point out the kind of person you are and precisely why someone should connect with you. And, a resume doesn’t allow you to focus on the here and now and what you are able to provide your potential clients today like your LinkedIn profile should.

Reason #4: Resumes are usually limited to 1-2 web pages while a LinkedIn profile is not really.

While it’s usually not a good idea in order to submit a resume that is over 2 pages long, you don’t have that will kind of restriction with an online profile. You can include more information, more details, more achievements, more strengths and more keywords. The more information you include the more trustworthiness you will gain, the more connected to your prospects you will become. Once you gain their trust, it will become much easier to sell your products, services or even the idea of joint venture relationship.

Reason #5: A LinkedIn profile enables you to brand name yourself much better and much easier than the usual resume ever could.
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Everything from yourself, your company to your products and services can be top quality on your profile. For example , if you are the best at selling widgets, then make sure that your profile clearly articulates that – and reinforce your brand throughout the profile. LinkedIn recently added several new sections that will further boost your ability to sell yourself to potential clients. Exactly what resume will allow you to include postings about your publications, certifications or skills. Those sections usually get modified out due to space.

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