December 8, 2021

Shopping For a Video Conferencing System – Where to begin

You’re looking to implement a video conferencing system to support your company’s communication requirements. You’re starting from scratch and it appears to be a daunting task. Where do you start?

A big question that you need to answer is exactly what kind of a system are you looking for. Top quality systems include PolyCom and Tandberg, systems with dedicated conference rooms and protocols that communicate with other systems that are similar. If you are trying to connect several offices, having a system like this is each office will give you the best quality degree.

These systems usually require a large initial investment, and then an THIS dept, or a person at least with regard to ongoing maintenance and upgrades. Furthermore, you need to make sure that your location has a space for this, and the infrastructure is there to back up it.

Another option is a managed solution. There is very little initial purchase here, but usually a regular monthly subscription cost to the service. The market leaders in this area are WebEx, Ms, Adobe, and GoToMeeting. Don’t exclude other smaller options that can be easier to use, and more cost effective though.
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Usually you obtain better training and support through the smaller companies as well. Another provider with a great reputation that I always recommend is AccuConference. They are extremely cost effective, have feature rich packages, and outstanding customer support. You can learn read more about Accuconference at Broadband Nation.

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