September 24, 2020

Understanding the iPhone Digitizer

When the iPhone was first launched, the magic feature that had jaws dropping and resulted in people queuing for hours at launch was the fact that the visuals on the screen could be manipulated, by pinching and expanding the thumb and index finger. For the avid Apple enthusiast, the online video available on the Apple store website showing Steve Jobs’ preview of the iPhone is staple. In order for this magic feature to exist and function as well as it does, the secret lies in the iPhone digitizer. This is fused under the glass screen and it is basically an electronic component that is sensitive to the human finger. This means that when the human finger or fingers come into contact with an active iPhone screen, the digitizer is responsible for the input of information.

Therefore, when an iPhone screen cracks or is broken, this will also require that the iPhone digitizer be replaced as well. However, the iPhone digitizer is not separate from the iPhone screen. In fact, it is part of the glass and will have to be purchased as a set. If you have the misfortune of having a cracked or broken iPhone screen, this is useful information to have as you visit the shop to get it fixed. The parties responsible for making the replacement should also ensure that the installation is done well and your test, upon receiving your fixed iPhone, is to check the sensitivity of the screen to touch. If the repair job has been properly done, and the iPhone digitizer and screen properly installed, there will be no difference between this and the original.

If you are planning to do your own iPhone repairs, particularly if you have a cracked or broken screen, when sourcing the replacement, do not buy a replacement screen that does not come with the iPhone digitizer. The reputable distributors will sell it as one package and it will say so. Different suppliers may term it differently so always check the detailed content of your purchase to ensure that the iPhone digitizer is included. The other thing to check is that the iPhone digitizer is fused to the glass. It does not come as two separate pieces. It is not possible for you to connect these two pieces independently and they must come fused already. Without the fusion, you will not get the iPhone functional screen that you are used to.

All in all, if you decide to make the repairs yourself, it is actually difficult to obtain the necessary parts and also difficult to learn how to replace the broken or cracked screen, as there are many online videos that provide a misleading repair procedure. A word of caution though, if your iPhone is still covered by its warranty or the Apple Care Plan warranty, then it is best to take it back to Apple for service, although a cracked screen is not protected by the warranty
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