August 14, 2020

Can be COVID-19 Here to Test Our Humanity?

“Cursed is the ground for your sake” (Genesis, 3: 17 – NKJV)

Nowadays, coronavirus is another proof – among a thousand other proofs – of recent man’s inability to cope with himself and his environment. The truth is that we cannot dwell at ease in a world that, quite often, seems not unlike a pit of snakes. While there are many pieces to COVID-19 puzzle, and I definitely cannot address them all, I would like to share with you some ideas about the current outbreak, and relate it to some even more philosophical argument.

Early in December associated with 2019 the outbreak of the virus began.
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But only on March 11 of 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic, after the disease led to thousands of cases. Back then, according to the WHO the chance to the people who were not living in Tiongkok was very low. Nothing could be further from the truth. Apparently, organizations have their own ways, and it seems required thousands of deaths to get a dinosaur-like paperwork structure on the right track. This is a large category of viruses that are collectively known as the coronavirus. How come that the so-called experts could not have seen this coming? This mistake claimed the life of so many! Certainly, they’re experts in excusing themselves, their organizations, their industry or even their political agenda for their failure to foresee the problem.

Now, let’s take a remember that animal, insect to individual disease transmissions are not all that uncommon. A pneumonia of unknown causes was detected in people around an animal market. Have you ever heard of that? That’s not completely alien to us. If you are a great scientist your mind automatically makes predictions about the future of your field, even when you aren’t aware of it. Of course , further than that, what you learn in one area can often be applied to others. Not long ago, researchers in the field of artificial intelligence were positive that machines with high capabilities would exist in a few decades. What I want to know is this: where are those really machines now? Where’s a good HAL 9000 to help those guys in order to foresee the catastrophe and to determine the viral genetic variation prior to the thing could turn to something else?

The particular gradual replacement of men and women by devices to execute the functions associated with life is a characteristic of our period. But there is one area where no machine, no matter how complex, can act for its maker. This is the section of empathetic comprehension. Now and forever, only human being will favor compassion.

I think anyone will agree with me personally that it is not easy to make sense of life because of chaos and arbitrariness we live in. We become increasingly dissatisfied with the narrowness of brain of politicians and bureaucrats about us. In spite of everything, we must draw our attention to the storehouse of human resources within ourselves. The search for meaning raises questions, for example: where do I fit into the whole of existence? Shadow effect or not, we must combat this thing with all our power. The weight of History is over our brain again. Sure enough, there are lots of lessons that we must learn in the midst of the surprise. Let’s not waste our period with vulgar vanities and selfishness.

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