January 27, 2021

Why It’s Important to Have Some “Alone Time”

While I was checking out the promos in Smart Parenting, I came across the question “Why is it important for you to have some alone time in a week?” and it actually made me think…and think real hard. One, because I don’t even remember the last time that I had an alone time and more importantly, do I really need to have one, being the busy homemaker that I am?

As I reflected on my life now, I realized that I was tired, quite unhappy and was unsure of what I really want. Physically tired because of all the work that I had and have to do at home (mind you, I’m a homemaker, as well as, a home-based worker). Quite unhappy because I feel unsatisfied with what I have accomplished so far..I feel I needed more..more of what, you ask? I actually am quite unsure…and that made me realize that I do need to have some alone time…

Having alone time, I figured, would let you rediscover who you were, what you used to want and what you really want in life. It lets you be who you really are without having to impress anyone, without worrying what to do next, without having anyone judging you if what you’re doing is right or wrong. At that point in time, there’s only you.

Having that important time allows you to reflect on the person that you have become and the person that you want to be. It gives you the chance to “cleanse” your mind for the necessary decisions that you have to make…having that alone time, now I am sure, would somehow “make you whole” again…and would give you the energy and the right mindset to face the craziness that you’re going to encounter once that time is up.

So, do we really need to have an alone time? Just think of this, even Jesus Christ had His “alone time” before making the most important decision in His life…If He deemed it important to have that alone time, don’t you low self esteem think it’s important for us to have one, too?

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