June 6, 2020

How to Start an Estate Sale Business

If you want to start an estate sale business, research what will be involved, the time required, and knowledge needed. These are just some of the suggestions I would give anyone who would like to start a career in this sales business. The population of the city you live in is very important for obvious reasons. The most successful businesses originate in big metropolitan areas such as Atlanta.

The Atl estate sale business is flourishing. There are 10 counties in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Every weekend there are many companies conducting sales. If you reside far from a metropolitan area, in the smaller city, the population alone will not keep you busy enough to make a comfortable income. In addition , sellers will not feel at ease using a company that does not live in their particular general metropolitan area.

Education and experience selling on the resale marketplace for everyday household, antiques, collectibles and vintage items is a must. Price items too high, or lacking, will result in one – items won’t sell or two – an angry seller who finds out you sold their antique oil painting for hundred dollars below the probable sale price. I have been in the estate sale business for many years. We still have to research many items that We are preparing to sale. Where do you start?

Visit local antique malls plus vintage stores, review pricing of items that are offered for sale. But , be careful, as a former antique dealer, I could assure you, some of those “high priced” antiques have been sitting in the store for months maybe years. I would suggest beginning with old fashioned chest of drawers. Chests are often sold at estate sales. Compare pricing on comparable chests throughout the store. Visit nearby sales conducted by estate product sales companies that have been in the business at least 2 yrs. See how these companies price items available. Buy books and study on-line the value of antiques and vintage products. Finally the best education would come through an experienced antique dealer. Consider partnering with a dealer. Their knowledge will help you tremendously.

Licensing, taxes, and other features of consideration running a business are a whole other issue. Contact your local government to review what is required to run a business in your home town.
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Finally, the time needed is a big consideration. Preparation for a sale is difficult work. You may be unpacking dusty aged boxes, moving heavy furniture, draining cabinets and drawers. If you don’t such as physical hard work, this is not a business I would suggest. Sales are typically held on weekends. I rarely have time off. But , I love the business and the variety of what I sell. One week I am promoting vintage tractors and the next week I am selling a beloved grandmothers preferred quilt. It is never boring.

Best of luck, the estate sale business is really a rewarding business. With proper preparing, you can enjoy a nice income. You won’t ever be bored. That I can guarantee.

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