July 12, 2020

End Depending on Job Boards

In case you are searching for a job, I am sure that one of the most complaints is not receiving any response from the employer. After all, applying for careers on multiple job boards each day is what you are suppose to do… proper? Additionally , the more job boards you join, the better… correct?

Nothing can be further from the truth. Job seekers, you must quickly learn to stop depending on distributing resumes to job boards as your primary source to find jobs. In case nothing from nothing leaves absolutely nothing, it doesn’t matter how many job boards you choose to join… nothing from nothing may still give you guess what? Nothing!

Are you aware that nearly 80% of ALL available jobs are UNADVERTISED? For many of you, by the time you apply for an advertised job, it’s already too late since the employer was waiting for you whenever you were waiting for them to post employment advertisement. Yes that’s right… if you are totally depending on the traditional way to apply for careers, you are making the decision to bypass nearly 80% of the available unadvertised careers in the Hidden Job Market. Those companies may never know that you are out there.

Keep in mind This: Employers can’t hire a person if they don’t know that you even exist!

I know it stings to hear that will statement. Especially for those of you who function tirelessly day and night to find work; nevertheless , the truth is, you need to find out about those hidden jobs and set up an interview on your own before they run an ad. While this can’t be done with all employers, you have to trust me… it is much more effective than simply relying on most job plank postings.
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Job boards are not useless. In fact , if used correctly, they could help your job hunting process; however , only a few people know how to take advantage of job boards and use them properly. Work boards are not meant to simply join and submit a resume. Surprised by this? You shouldn’t be.

Remember These Words: If you don’t figure out how to find job opportunities before they become publicly available, and before a zillion people push you aside as they rush to submit their resumes, you may as well continue what I call “insane job hunting” by continuing to complete the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results each time.

Here’s a Quick Work Tip: Searching for a job on a job board should be used as a form of research, rather than simply applying for work. For example , if you notice Company A is hiring a lot of warehouse workers (e. g. forklift operators, pickers & packers, general labor, etc . ) you should use that information as a leverage to contact the employer (for example) promote them on your warehouse management skills. Who knows? They might need someone. All things considered, this is what professional recruiters do all the time when trying to get new job purchases.

Here’s another Quick Job Suggestion: Instead of allowing a job board to direct you to the employers’ internet site to complete an online application, pick up the device and contact the hiring authority and inquire about the job opening. You will have to do a little bit of homework in order to source names, get to the proper department, and develop a plan on how you will present yourself; however , your results will be far greater than simply submitting a curriculum vitae and crossing your fingers.

Moving forth, do not put all your ovum in one basket by simply submitting a resume to a job board plus hoping for a miracle. Learn how to market yourself in a tough economy, access the hidden job market, and set up your very own job interviews!

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