July 3, 2022

Natural Skin Care Advice For Acne Victims

Acne can be both troublesome and embarrassing for teens and adults alike. It is one of the most wide spread skin disorders influencing Americans with 85% of teens and 20% of adults suffering from active acne. Acne is caused by a surplus production of oil in the sweat glands and appears in a variety of various ways. Forms of acne include blackheads, whiteheads, and cystic acne. It is important to understand what will be causing your acne so that you can determine the best way to prevent breakouts. There are many issues that can lead to acne breakouts including hormones, medication, oil based cosmetics, stress, environmental pollutants, and genetics.

Many skin care items have been created and specially advertised to those suffering from acne breakouts. Some of these remedies are packaged and labeled as organic skin care products. What most consumers don’t realize is that many of these products include only small amounts of natural ingredients coupled with harsh chemicals. These chemicals as well as other ingredients can sometimes further irritate and worsen acne breakouts.

If you are one of the 60 million Americans suffering from acne, some natural skin care tips and dishes may be all you need.

Natural Skin Care Suggestions for Acne

1 . Wash you encounter twice daily with a natural soap formulated for acne. It is best to wash once in the morning when you first wake up however before going to sleep at night. When washing use a gentle circular motion and avoid scrubbing.

2 . Moisturize using a natural skin care lotion that is not oil based. Consider using a natural shielding lotion that gives oil free moisture while strengthening the skins natural protective hurdle. This barrier helps protect epidermis from environmental pollutants, one of the possible causes for acne breakouts.

3. Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. Eating a diet full of fiber rich vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can help cleanse your body from the inside. Exercising frequently and drinking at least 8 portions of water daily can further help detoxify the body.

Natural Skin Care Sweetie Mask for Acne

Honey is recognized to have natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties helping it to heal skin blemishes. When making a natural skincare mask with honey the quality of the honey is important.
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Many brands of sweetie contain additives or have gone through the heating process that would damage its healing properties. It is best to use natural, raw, unprocessed, unheated honey which is free from additives.

1 Teaspoon honey
1 Teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 Teaspoon ground nutmeg

Combine ingredients in a small bowl till well mixed. Apply to the face and permit it to sit for 30 mins. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Also, a good natural protecting lotion protects against the elements, prevents moisture loss while still allowing the skin to breath, reduces the absorption of toxins, and is without any toxic chemicals (some skin care substances are even worse than chemical contaminants. )

Almost everything you do can damage pores and skin. Spending time in the kitchen, washing your hands often while cooking, doing the dishes plus cleaning can leave hands dried out and irritated. Over exposure to drinking water and chemicals damages the skin’s natural protective barrier and pieces the skin of essential moisturizing natural oils. When gardening your hands are often in the dirt and can come into contact with some harmful chemicals. The weather can also reek chaos on your skin. Harsh winds may chap and dry skin leading to it to become uncomfortable. You must protect against the elements with a shielding lotion.

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