July 2, 2022

Easiest way to Get a Business Credit Card

Everybody knows that benefits of owning a Business Charge card: itemized expenses at year end, keeping track of employee use, lower interest rate, business related rewards etc . These types of and other benefits are the reasons many small business owners get one or two in the first place. But some small businesses, particularly if they are newly formed, often have difficulty getting approval for a business credit card. A year or 2 ago it would have been much easier, but now with credit being tight, most institutions are backing off dealing with small business. Their reasoning: a major up tick in small business failures.

What exactly do you do? You started a small company with one or two employees. You knew it would be difficult in the beginning, but you do your due diligence and the plan had been to be profitable in 3 years. You’re running through cash a lot quicker compared to anticipated. Assuming it’s possible, you don’t want to take out a loan from your bank. Nicely, here are some things to do.

Check your business credit.
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If you don’t have any, then register along with Dun & Bradstreet, the Better Business Bureau and any other local or even national organizations that will help you get your title out.
Go to your banker, same bank with your business checking account and apply for a business only credit card. Most bankers want you to succeed – more business for them. Eventually you may need a line of credit or a loan so set up a strong relationship early, so make sure they get to see you often. If you need to use a merchant credit card service for your business, try locally first.
Next, check out the different business credit card offers that are available through the Internet and try to discover which one fits your needs the best. It may be a rewards card for company, or a cash back allowance. Every circumstance is different.
When you apply for the card, consider doing a balance transfer from one of your other cards, just to establish a base. Eliminate that balance as soon as you obtain the card unless it was for business purposes. If you have a corporation try not to commingle the funds – which will cause problems.
The last option, naturally , if you still cannot establish credit for you business, then apply for a secured or prepaid card to be used strictly intended for business use. It will improve your business credit rating and allow you to keep tract of your business spending.
The terms and conditions of these and other business credit cards are usually changing constantly. Check frequently, before you decide to fill out the business credit card application, to discover how the new rules may affect your business plan.

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